Editing Product Variants

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This article describes how to update the product variant added during the abstract product setup. The described procedure is also valid for an existing product variant.

To start working with product variants, go to Catalog > Products.

Pre-conditions The procedure you are going to perform is very similar to the procedure described in the Creating a Product Variant article. See Creating a Product Variant to know more. Also, see Concrete Product: Reference Information to know more about the attributes that you see, select, and enter while updating the product variant.

To update a product variant:

  1. Navigate to the Edit Concrete Product page using one of the following paths:

    • Products > View in the Actions column for a specific abstract product > scroll down to the Variants tab > Edit in the Actions column for a specific product variant
    • Products > Edit in the Actions column for a specific abstract product > Variants tab > Edit in the Actions column for a specific product variant
  2. On the Edit Concrete Product page, update the following tabs:

    1. General tab: populate name and description, valid from and to dates, make the product searchable by selecting the Searchable checkbox for the appropriate locale (or all locales).
    2. Price & Stock tab: define the default/original, gross/net prices, and stock.

    The prices for the variant are inherited from the abstract product so you will see the same values as you have entered while creating the abstract product. B2B: The merchant relation prices are inherited by Product Variants as well.

    1. Image tab: define the image(s), image set(s), and the image order for you product variant.
    2. Assign bundled products tab: this tab is used in case you need to create a product bundle. See Creating and Managing Product Bundles to know more.
    3. Discontinue tab: This tab is used in case you want to discontinue the product. See Discontinuing a Product to know more.
    4. Product Alternatives tab: This tab is used to define the product alternatives for the product. See Adding Product Alternatives to know more.
    5. Scheduled Prices tab: here you can only review scheduled prices imported via a CSV file if any. The actual import is done in the Prices > Scheduled Prices section.
  3. Once done, click Save.

What’s next? Following the same steps, you will update all variants that you have added to your abstract product. You may also want to add more product variants. Learn how you do that by navigating to Creating a Product Variant.