Creating Product Variants

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This topic describes how to add a product variant for an abstract product. The procedure that you are going to perform is very similar to how you create the abstract product and update the product variants. To know what attributes you see, enter, and select while creating a product variant, see Concrete Product: Reference Information.

To create a product variant, navigate to Catalog > Products section.

To create a product variant:

  1. On the Product page, click Edit in the Actions column for the product for which you want to create a new variant.

  2. On the Edit Product Abstract page, click Add Variant in the top right corner.

  3. In the General tab, do the following:

    1. Add SKU or select Autogenerate SKU.
    2. Select a super attribute.

    The super attributes drop-down list includes only those selected during the abstract creation flow.

    1. Add product name and description and select Searchable if you want your product to be searchable by its name in the online store.
    2. Enter Valid From and Valid To dates to specify when the product should go online in the web-shop. This step is optional.
  4. Go to the Price & Stock tab.

  5. In the Price & Tax tab, set prices and taxes for products:

    1. To take the prices over from the abstract product, select Use prices from abstract product.

    The merchant relation prices are inherited by Product Variants as well.

    1. Otherwise, enter Original and eventually Default prices for the product for Gross and Net price modes.
    2. B2B only: In the Merchant Price Dimension, select the merchant relationship to define a special price per merchant relation. See Merchants Custom Prices and Products: Reference Information to know more.
    3. Select Quantity for the product and then select Never out of stock if you want the product to never go out of stock.
  6. Optionally: Click Next to go to the next tab (Image) or select a necessary tab.

    1. In the Image tab, add images for the product and define the image order.
  7. Optionally: Click Next of select the Assign bundled products tab. This tab is used only if you need to create a bundles product. See Creating and Managing Product Bundles to know more.

  8. Click Save.

Once you click Save, the page is refreshed and you will see two additional tabs: Discontinue and Product Alternatives. See Discontinuing Products and Adding Product Alternatives to know more.


To make sure your product will be shown and searchable in your online store, we highly recommend you to go through the checklist in HowTo - Make a Product Searchable and Shown on the Storefront.

What’s next? Once you have set things up, you will most likely need to know what managing actions you can do with your products. See articles in the Managing Products section.