Viewing Refunds

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If a customer changes their mind about an order, you can give him/her a refund for the order.

To view the refunds, navigate to the Sales > Refunds section.

This page just displays the information so no actual actions can be done there.

On the Refunds page you see the List of refunds table that contains the following information:

Value Description
Refind Id The ID of a specific refund.
Sales Order Id The ID of the order that derives from the Sales > Orders section.
Refund date The date when a specific refund has been created.
Amount The amount of money to refund. This amount value derives from Item Total in Sales > Orders.

How refunds appear in the Refunds section?

When a customer receives the items they ordered, they may encounter issues with some or all of them. In this case, a customer contacts the sales department asking them for a refund. A sales department representative navigates to the Sales > Orders section and opens the order. They change the status of order item (or all items) to return and then to refund. Once this is done, an appropriate record appears in the Refunds section.