Creating a Product Relation

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This topic describes the procedure that needs to be performed in order to create a product relation.

To start working with product relations, navigate to the Products > Product Relations section.

To create a product relation:

  1. On the Product Relations page, click Create Relation in the top right corner.

  2. On the Add Product Relations page > Relation Type tab:

    1. Either select the checkbox for Update regularly or leave the checkbox blank.
    2. In the Relation type drop-down, select the type (Related products or Upselling). See Product Relations: Reference Information to know more about the product relation types and see some examples of how those types are used.
    3. In the Select product section, find an abstract product for which the relation needs to be added and click Select in the Actions column.

    To easily find the product in the table, you can enter the abstract product SKU or name into the Search field. You can add only one product here.

  3. Click Next to proceed to the Assign Products tab or just click on the tab.

  4. On the Assign products tab, in the Assign related products section:

    1. Click Add rule or Add group, depending on the conditions you want to specify. See Product Relations: Reference Information to know more about rules and groups.
    2. For your rule/group, select the AND or OR operator. You use AND operator if you need several conditions to be met, and OR if you need one or another condition to be met.
    3. Populate the required drop-downs and fields for your rule/group.
    4. Click Save so that your changes are saved and the table automatically updated to display the abstract product(s) that meet the specified rules/groups.

Tips and tricks

You can delete a rule or group by clicking Delete for a specific entry. When adding the query, you can check the products that meet those criteria.

In the Assign related products table, click View to get to the View Product Abstract page, or View > in Shop to see the product in the online store.

While defining the rules for the products to be assigned, you select Add group in case you need a set of conditions to be met in order to display the Similar Products section.

Add rule is normally used when there is only one condition that should be met in order to display the Similar Products section for the abstract product. You can specify as many rules/groups as you need.

You can add as many abstract products as you need.

Activating a Product Relation

Your product relation is created, but not active.

To activate the created product relation, click Activate in the top-right corner of the Edit Product Relations page.

Tips and tricks

On this page, you also can:

  • Click View in the Actions column to view the assigned abstract product in Back Office.
  • Click View in shop to view the assigned abstract product in Yves.

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