Managing Merchants

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This topic describes the procedures of creating and managing a merchant record.

To start managing merchants, navigate to the Merchants > Merchants section.

Creating a Merchant

To create a merchant:

  1. On the Overview of Merchants page, click Add Merchant in the top right corner of the page.
  2. On the Create Merchant page, enter a name of the merchant and click Save.

That’s it. Now you have the merchant created.

In a non-marketplace environment, the Merchant record is the record of the company which sells goods and is the only one in the system.

Editing a Merchant

To edit a merchant:

  1. On the Overview of Merchants page, you click Edit in the Actions column for a specific merchant.
  2. On the Edit Merchant page, change the merchant name and click Save.

Deleting a Merchant

To delete a Merchant, click Delete in the Actions column of the Overview of Merchant page.

This action cannot be undone and will erase all the merchant relations and other merchant-specific setups (like prices per merchant relations).

What’s next? Once you have the merchant record available in the system, you can proceed with creating a merchant relation.

See Managing Merchant Relations to know how you create those.