Creating CMS Blocks

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This topic provides a list of steps to create a CMS block in Back Office.

To start working with the CMS blocks, navigate to the Content Management > Blocks section.

Here you can create a new CMS block, specify for which store and how long it will be visible in the online store, as well as create category or product detail pages.

Creating a CMS Block

To create a block:

  1. On the Overview of CMS Blocks page, click Create block in the top right corner.
  2. On the Create CMS Block page that opens, enter the block details:

Store relation, Template, and Name must be filled in. All other fields are optional.

  • Store relation
  • Template
  • Name
  • Valid from and Valid to
  • Categories: top
  • Categories: middle
  • Categories: bottom
  • Products

Templates are project-specific and are usually created by a developer and a business person. If you are missing a CMS Block template, contact them and refer to the HowTo - Create a CMS Block template.

See CMS Blocks: Reference Information to learn more about CMS blocks attributes.)

  1. To save the changes, click Save. This will successfully create a block and take you to the Edit Block Glossary page.

What’s next?

A new block has been created. Now, you can add the content if needed.