Creating Product Lists

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This article describes the steps you need to perform in order to create a product list.

The product lists can be considered as conditions under which the companies see the products in the online store. Let’s say you want to hide a specific set of products, or even a category, from one of the companies with which you have a signed contract. You will create a blacklist for that purpose assigning those specific products to it.

To start working with the product lists, navigate to the** Products > Product Lists** section.

To create a product list:

  1. Click Create Product List in the top right corner of the Overview of Product Lists page. On the Create a Product List page you see the following tabs:
    • General Information
    • Assign Categories
    • Assign Products
  2. In the General Information tab:
    1. Enter the title of the product list.
    2. Select a type of the product list, either Whitelist or Blacklist.

Once the general information is added, you can save the changes and proceed to the other setup in a later event. In case you want to make a full setup at a time, click Next to proceed to the Assign Categories tab, or just click on it.

  1. In the Assign Categories tab, select from one to many categories in the Categories field.

This step is optional as you can either add the categories to the list OR add specific products instead. You can also do both.

  1. Click Next to proceed to the Assign Products tab, or just click on it.

  2. In the Assign Products tab, do one of the following:

    1. Click Choose File in the Import Product List area. Select the file to be uploaded. The file should contain product_list_key and concrete_sku. OR
    2. In the Select Products to assign table, select the products that will be added to the list in the Selected column.
  3. Once you are satisfied with the setup, click Save.

Tips and tricks

Assigning products and categories to product lists is optional during the product list creation. You can create a product list with no values assigned and update it in a later event.

When you assign products, you can use the search field to filter the products by entering SKU or product name.

Please note that if all concrete products belonging to the abstract one are selected the entire abstract product is also selected. If an abstract product is selected, all concrete products belonging to that abstract are also selected. When you assign categories, in the Categories field, start typing the name of the category you wish to assign to a product list. The auto-suggested matching results are reflected in the drop-down list.

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