Reference information - Warehouses

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This topic contains the reference information you need to know when creating and managing warehouses in the Administration > Warehouses section.

Warehouses Page

On the Warehouses page, you see the following:

  • All warehouses currently available in the shop application
  • Warehouse ID and name
  • Status: active or inactive
  • Store(s) in which the warehouse is available
  • Actions you can perform on the warehouse

On this page, you can:

  • Sort warehouses by Warehouse ID, Name, and Status.
  • Filter warehouses using the search by Name.
  • Trigger the following actions: edit or view warehouses, or create a new one.

Create, View and Edit Warehouse pages

The following table describes the attributes you enter when creating, viewing or editing a warehouse.

Attribute Description
Name Name of the warehouse.
Is this warehouse available? Yes - the warehouse is active.
No - the warehouse is inactive.
Store relation Store(s) in which the warehouse is available.