Reference information - Payment Methods

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This topic contains some additional information you need to know when viewing and updating payment methods in the Administration > Payment Management> Payment Methods section.

Payment Methods Page

On the page, you can see all the payment methods available in the shop application, including the following information:

  • Payment method name with its payment method key
  • Payment provider
  • Payment method status
  • Stores in which the payment method is available

List of payment methods

On the page, you can do the following:

  • Trigger the particular action either to view or edit the payment method
  • Sort payment methods by Payment Method Key, Name, Payment Provider, and Status
  • Search payment methods by Name and Payment Provider

View and Edit Payment Method Pages

The following table describes the attributes you see, select, or enter while viewing or editing a payment method.

Attribute Description
Payment Method Key Unique identifier of the payment method defined in the database.
Name Name of the payment method.
Payment Provider Company that offers payment services.
Status Indicates whether a payment method is displayed during the checkout process or not.
Available in store Lists stores in which a payment method is available.
Is this Payment Method active? Option to activate (make a payment method visible during the checkout process) or deactivate (make a payment method invisible during the checkout process) the payment method.