Reference information - Product Labels

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This topic describes the attributes that you see, select, and enter on the Product Label pages.

Overview of Product Labels page

In the table of the Overview of Product Labels page, you see the following information:

  • Order number of the product label and the priority numeric value
  • Product label name
  • Exclusivity identifier (yes/no) and the validity period (n/a if no validity period is set up)
  • The number of products to which the label is assigned
  • Product Label status and the actions that can be initiated

Create/Edit a Product Label page

General tab | Name | Description | | — | — | | Name | The name of the product label, e.g. Discounts Available. | | Is Active | A checkbox that, if selected, activates the product label. | | Is Exclusive | A checkbox that defines the product label exclusivity. If you want a specific label to be the only one displayed for a product, you select this checkbox. Even if you have other labels assigned, only the exclusive one will be displayed. | | Valid From
Valid To | The period for which the label will be displayed for a product. If no dates are specified, the label will always be displayed. | | Front-end Reference | Defines the location and the view of a product label. | | Translations: Name | The name of the product label translated to a respective language. |