Assigning Blocks to Category and Product Pages

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This topic describes how you can create category or product detail pages by adding a CMS block to a page.

To assign a block to a category or product, navigate to the Content Management > Pages section.

Prerequisite Make sure that the block to be added exists, is active and has not expired.

To add a CMS block to a CMS page:

  1. On the Overview of CMS Pages page in the Actions column, click Edit > Placeholders next to the page you want to add a block to.

  2. On the Edit Placeholders: [Page Name] page that opens, switch to the Placeholders tab and place your cursor where you want to insert a CMS block.

  3. Enter the following information:

    {{ cms_block( {‘Block name’} ) }} where Block name is a name of the block.

Alternatively, you can create a CMS block on the page manually. To do this, click Cms content widgets usage information, copy the cms_block code and paste it into the page.

  1. Replace block_name_placeholder with the name of the block you want to add to this current page.

You can get a block name in the Name column of the List of CMS blocks on the Overview of CMS Blocks page.

  1. To keep the changes, click Save.

Tips and tricks If you want to create different versions of the page per locale, add the general information to the section in the corresponding language.

What’s next? The block has been added to the page. So, you can preview the page draft to see how it will look like on the store website or publish the page.