Editing Content Items

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This topic describes how you can edit content items in the Back Office.

To edit a content item:

  1. On the left-side navigation bar, navigate to the Content Management section and select Content Items.
  2. In the Actions column of the List of Content Items table, click Edit next to the item you want to modify. The Edit Content Item Type: Content Item Key page opens.
  3. Make changes to the needed attributes. See Content Items: Reference Information to learn more about content item attributes.
  4. To save the updates, click Save. The updated content item will be displayed on the grid of List of Content Items and the following message is displayed: ‘Content item has been successfully updated.’.

Tips and tricks On the Edit Content Item Type: Content Item Key page, you can:

  • Clear all the fields in the current locale by clicking Clear locale.

Clicking Back to Content Items in the top right corner of the page can trigger different actions:

  • Selecting this option prior to saving the changes will discard all the changes and then take you to the List of Content Items page.

* Selecting this option **after** the changes have been saved will redirect you to the _List of Content Items_ page. *** **What's next?** The content item is updated. Now, you can add it via content item widgets to a block or a page if needed.