Content Item Widgets

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After we created an Abstract Product List content Item with Best Selling Products or a Banner content item promoting specific products, it is time to use the Content Item Widget to insert them in a block or a page.

This section is designed to choose where to insert content items in the storefront and then decide how they will look like by selecting a template.

In the Back Office, you can add the following content item widgets:

  • Banner
  • Abstract Product List that by default includes its Product Groups
  • Product Set
  • File List
You can work with widgets after they have been installed for your project.
*** **What's next?** To know more about how to add a content item widget to a page or block, see [Adding Content Item Widgets to CMS Pages and Blocks](/docs/scos/user/back-office-user-guides/201907.0/content-management/content-item-widgets/adding-content-item-widgets-to-pages-and-blocks.html).