Managing Products

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This article describes the managing actions that you do for both abstract and concrete products as those actions are very similar.

To start managing products, navigate to the Products > Products section.

Activating a Product

The abstract product is inactive until at least one product variant is activated. You should understand that there is no option to activate To activate a product:

  1. Navigate to the product variant of the product that you want to activate: Edit abstract product > Variant > Edit product variant
  2. Click Activate on the top of the Edit Concrete Product page. Starting now, the product is visible to the customers of your online store. Please keep in mind that each variant needs to be activated in order to be visible to your customers.

Tips & Tricks If at some point of time you want to hide the product variant from your customers, you just deactivate it using the same procedure described above. This deactivates only the product variant. The abstract product is active until at least one its variant is active.

Viewing a Product

If you need to review the product details without actually editing them, do the following:

  1. In the Actions column of the abstract product you want to view, click View.
  2. On the View Product page, you can navigate to the view product variant, initiate the editing flow for it, or manage its attributes.

Tips & Tricks If you notice something you would like to change for your product, click Edit on the top-right corner of the page.

Managing Product Attributes

When you see the Manage Attributes option, keep in mind that you manage the attributes like brand, but not the super attributes. Such attributes like brand do not define the product variants differentiation, meaning they are not used while defining the concrete products of an abstract product. They rather go to the details section on the product details page in your online store. You can manage attributes for both, abstract and concrete products.

The attributes that you add are taken from the Products > Attributes section of the Back Office. So the attribute you want to define should exist in that section.

To manage the product attributes:

  1. Select the Manage Attributes option for the concrete or abstract product in the Actions column, or from the top-right corner of the Edit page.
  2. On the Manage Attributes for Product page, start typing the first three letter of the attribute key.
  3. Select the suggested value and click Add.
  4. In the Attributes section, define the Default value for your attributes and specify the value for the locales. Repeat the procedure if needed.
  5. Once done, click Save. See the References section to see the examples of how the attributes look like.

What’s next? Review the other articles in the Products section to know more about product management. Also review the References section to learn more about the attributes you see, select, and enter on the product pages.