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The Taxes section in the Back Office is mostly used by Spryker Admins.

This section is designed to build tax policies based on country-specific regulations.

Each specific product, as well as the shipment method, or threshold falls under specific taxations. Thus it is crucial for an e-commerce manager to work with the legacy department to define the tax rates (e.g. for VAT) and set up those appropriately.

Tax Rates and Sets

In a tax system, a tax rate is the ratio (usually expressed as a percentage) at which a business or person is taxed.

A Tax set is a set of tax rates that can be applied to a specific product.

In the Back Office, a Spryker Admin creates the tax rates first and then, sets up the tax sets by assigning tax rates to those.

The tax sets are later applied to Products, Thresholds, or Shipment Methods.

What’s next? To know how to manage tax sets and rates, see Managing Tax Rates and Sets.

To know more about the attributes you use to manage tax rates and sets, see Taxes: Reference Information.