About the Back Office Guide

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This is a non-technical guide for people who want to know how to manage their store or stores using the Spryker Commerce OS.

In this guide, you will find:

  1. General information about the Back Office.
  2. General information about how to manage the online store from the Back Office.
  3. You will also find detailed procedural information describing the possible tasks you can do. This information will be divided into B2C related tasks and B2B related tasks where it is applicable.
Reading Tips

If you are only interested in a B2C scenario, feel free to ignore all content flagged as B2B. However, we highly recommend that B2B users first understand the shop management fundamentals by reviewing the B2C content before progressing to the B2B content.

The information is divided into concepts, tasks, and references.

  • In concept, you will find the general information about a specific Back Office feature.
  • In the task, you find the steps you need to perform to make the data setup for a particular entity.
  • In the reference topic, you will find all the information about the fields you see on the screen, specific behavior (if any) of an entity, and any other referential details you need to succeed in the task.

In the concepts for each Back Office section, you will find a standardized flow of events for a person who uses this specific section. This will help you to understand how different departments interact with each other in order to make a setup in Spryker Back Office.