Creating Product Sets

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This article describes the procedure that you need to perform in order to create a product set.

To start working with product sets, navigate to the Products > Product Sets section.

You create a product set to improve the customer’s shopping experience. You collect similar products into a logical chunk that can be bought by a single click. Let’s say you have a Pen. The logically connected items to this product can be a Pencil, a Notebook, and Sticky Notes. You can collect these products under a set named Basic office supplies. Instead of searching for each specific items, your customer will add this set to cart.

To create a product set:

  1. In the top-right corner of the Product Sets page, click Create Product Set. On the Create Product Set tab, you see four tabs: General, Products, SEO, and Images.

  2. On the General tab that is used to provide the general information about your product set, like name, URL, and description, do the following:

    1. Fill in the desired name of your new Product Set.
    2. Give your Product Set a URL slug. Do not leave spaces in this tag; instead, any multi-word URL fill in the spaces with a dash or underscore.
    3. Optional: Enter a description for your Product Set. This can be anything you want that identifies the what or why of your Product Set. If you have multiple languages, you will be required to fill in the same information in all languages.
    4. At the bottom of the General tab, you will find Product Set Key, Weight and a checkbox for Active. Enter the values for the attributes. To know more about these attributes, see Product Sets: Reference Information.
  3. Select Next to proceed to the Products tab, or just click on it. The Product tab is where you will select which products should be included in your product set.

  4. To add products, simply select the checkbox next to your desired products in the Selected column. You can use the available search tool on the top right of the Select Products to assign tab on this page. You can select as many products as needed — there is no limit.


    Any Product Set requires a minimum of two Products.

  5. Select Next to proceed to the SEO tab, or just click on it. This tab is used to add a piece of friendly SEO information for your product set to improve the search.

  6. On the SEO tab, enter the SEO information for your product set. See Product Sets: Reference Information to know more about the SEO attributes. Fill in all this information for any languages your store requires. None of the SEO descriptions or title will be shown in the online store.

  7. Select the Next to proceed to the Images tab, or just click on it.

  8. In the Images tab, click Add image set.

  9. Enter the name of your image set and add the URLs to the images. For more information about the attributes you enter, see Product Sets: Reference Information. You can select as many images as you would like in your image set by selecting Add Image. Following the same procedure, choose images particular to your different online stores.


    If you do not specify different images for your different stores, the system will use the photos displayed in the Default drop-down.

  10. Once you are satisfied with the setup, click Submit.

Activating a Product Set

If you did not select the Active checkbox on in the General tab, your product set will be inactive. To activate it, click Activate on the View Product Set page, or select Activate in the Actions column of the Product Sets page.

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