Creating Cart Rules

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This topic describes how to create a Cart Rule discount.

To start working with discounts, navigate to the Discounts section.

A cart rule is a discount that is applied automatically when all attached discount conditions are fulfilled and if the cart rule is active. Unlike a voucher code, it does not require any input from the customer.

To create a cart rule discount:

  1. On the Discount page, click Create new discount in the top right corner.
  2. On the Create Discount page > General tab, do the following:
    1. In Store relation, check the stores you wish the discount to be active in.
    2. In Discount Type drop-down, select Cart Rule.
    3. In the Name field, specify the name for the discount.
    4. Optional: Enter the description of the discount in the Description field.
    5. Specify if the discount is exclusive. See Discount: Reference Information for more details.
    6. Specify the validity interval (lifetime) of the discount.
  3. Click Next or select the Discount calculation tab to proceed.
  4. On the Create Discount page >Discount calculation tab, do the following:
    1. Select either Calculator percentage, or Calculator fixed in the Calculator type drop-down. See Discount Calculation: Reference Information for more details.

The next step varies based on the selected calculator type.