Content Management System

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The Content Management section in the Back Office is mostly used by Marketing Content Managers and Marketing Team.

The section is designed to create, manage and display content in the storefront. The content is represented by CMS Pages, CMS Blocks, Content Items, and Content Item Widgets. This section also allows you to set up a URL redirect from one site to another. For example, you have several sites for your shop. However, you decide to remove one of them to display all the content on one website.

Standardized flow of actions for a Marketing Content Manager Flow of actions for a Marketing Content Manager

This is how a Marketing Content Manager can work with the content using the Back Office and interact with other departments to launch a marketing campaign.

In the Content Management section, you can see the following:

  • Blocks
  • Pages
  • Redirects

CMS blocks are parts of the page content that can be used for banners, charts, static links, banner images or similar items to be displayed throughout the shop website.

CMS pages are additional pages you can create and manage to provide additional information about the shop like About Us, Terms and Conditions pages, or landing pages for promotions.

What’s Next?

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