Creating Product Bundles

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This article describes how you add the product bundles and manage them.

With the Product Bundles feature, you can freely tie individual items together and sell them as a package. As opposed to a set, in which products are loosely grouped, the items in a bundle are always sold together. You can choose to create a special bundle price to make the purchase more attractive. You need bundles to simplify the user journey. When they want to buy something together, it is easier to make it once than to go to the product details page for each separate item and add it to the cart separately. For example, if your product is a smartphone, you can set it up to be sold with the smart card and a case.

To create a product bundle:

  1. On the Product page, click Create Bundle Product in the top right corner.
  2. On the Create a Product page, do the procedure described in the Creating an Abstract Product article:
  3. Populate the General, Price & Tax, SEO, and Image tabs.
  4. Click Save. The only difference is that you do not define the product variants for the bundle. Only one variant is created automatically once you save the data.
  5. On the Variants tab, click Edit in the Actions column.
  6. Populate the information similarly to how you do for the product variant.
  7. In the Assign bundled products tab, define the product variants that are going to be included in the bundle by selecting the checkboxes in the Select сolumn.
  8. Once done, click Save.

Tips and tricks If you already have a product that you want to be sold in a bundle, you can update the Assign bundled products tab for a variant. The product will automatically be transformed into a bundle.

What’s next? Review the Creating an Abstract Product and Creating a Product Variant articles to learn more about how the products are created.