Reference information - Product Lists

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This topic describes the attributes that you see, enter, and select while creating or managing the product lists.

Overview of Product Lists page

On the Overview of Product Lists page, you see the following information:

  • The autogenerated product list ID
  • Product list title and type (with Blacklist or Whitelist)
  • Merchant relation ID, merchant name and the business unit owner name
  • The actions that you can perform with each specific product list (Edit List, Remove List)

By default, the last created product list goes on top of the table. However, you can sort and search the list of product lists.

All columns with headers having arrows in the List of Product Lists table are sortable. You can list the table by any available column except for the Actions.

Create and Edit Product List page

The following table describes attributes you see on the Create/Edit a Product List page.

Attribute Description
Title The title of your product list. It is not available in the online store and is not visible for your customers.
Type The type of the product list you create: Blacklist, Whitelist.
Owner Type A type of relationship the product list should work. Currently, only Merchant Relationship is available as an Owner Type.
Merchant relationship The Merchant relationship from the Merchant Relations section presented in the following format: [Merchant Name] - [Business Unit]