Managing Attributes

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This topic describes how you can manage the product attributes.

To start managing attributes, navigate to Products > Attributes.

When you have a product attribute created, you can view and edit them, if needed. Both actions can be invoked from the Actions column of the Product Attributes page.

Viewing Product Attributes

To view a product attribute, click View in the Actions column. On the View Product Attributes page that opens, you can view the General information of the attributes, their predefined values, and translations.

You can start editing the attribute by clicking Edit in the top right corner of the page.

Editing Product Attributes

Here you can add or remove predefined values, and edit translations of the product attribute.

To edit a product attribute:

  1. Click Edit in the Actions column. On the Edit Product Attributes page, the Attribute key, input type, and super attribute are disabled, as they cannot be edited.
  2. You can manage the predefined values by removing the existing or adding the new ones.
  3. In order to manage the translations, you need to click Save on the General Information tab.
  4. Once done, click Save.