Creating Product Attributes

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This topic describes the procedure you need to perform in order to create a new product attribute, either a super attribute or a descriptive attribute.

To start working with attributes, navigate to the Products > Attributes section.

For a new product in your store, you need to create both super attribute and product attribute. The first one is needed to define the product variants and the second one to define the product characteristics.

To create a new product attribute:

  1. On the Product Attributes page, click Create Product Attributes.
  2. On the Create a Product Attribute page:
    1. In the Attribute Key field, add a new attribute to the product.


      Keep in mind that it should not contain any special symbols.

    2. In the Input type drop-down list, select the type of data input.

    3. Select the Super attribute checkbox to create a super attribute OR do not select the checkbox if you are creating a product descriptive attribute. When the check box is selected, the Allow input any value other than predefined option becomes disabled as a super attribute always uses predefined values.

    4. In the Predefined Values field, add from one to many values by typing them and clicking Enter after each.

    5. Select the Allow input any value other than predefined ones checkbox if you want to allow adding values different than the predefined ones.

  3. Click Save. Once Save is selected, the Translation tab becomes enabled.
  4. In the Translations tab, add the translation for your attribute key.
  5. Click Save.

Tips and tricks

If you want to apply this translation to other languages, click Copy to other languages icon next to the translation field.

What’s next?

Learn how the product attributes are managed in the Managing Product Attributes article.

Review the References section to learn more about the attributes you populate for the Attribute entity and the examples of how the attributes are used.