Creating Product Options

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This article describes the procedure you need to perform in order to create a product option.

To start working with the product options, navigate to the Products > Product Options section.


You should have an appropriate Tax Set created in the Taxes section in order to apply it to the product option group.

Let’s say you want to add additional options to your product, like a warranty or a gift box. Those are exactly the things that are created in the Product Options section. Such options will have their own prices, and the user will be able to select the most suitable one.

To create a product option:

  1. Click Create product option in the top right corner of the Product option list page.

  2. On the Create new Product Options page that opens, you see General Information and Products tabs. In the General Information tab:

    1. Add the group name translation key. The format of the group name translation key should be as follows:[your key]. For example,
    2. Define a tax set assigned to your product option group by selecting the appropriate value from the drop-down list.
    3. In the Option Values section, enter an option name translation key value. The format of the option name translation key should be as follows: product.option.[your key]. For example, product.option.newtest.

    You can remove an option value by clicking Remove next to the Option name translation key and SKU fields.

    1. Add a unique SKU for a product option value or proceed with the auto-generated one.
    2. In the Prices section, specify gross and net prices for a product option value. If you want to add several product options values, click Add option below the Prices section, and repeat the same step.
    3. In the Translation section, add a group name and option name that will be displayed in the shop application per each locale. You can copy the Group and Option names from one locale to another using the corresponding Copy icon.
  3. Click Next to proceed to the Products tab, or just click on it.

  4. In the Products tab, select product(s) to be assigned to the product. Alternatively, you can click Select all on the page. In this case, all the products displayed on the page will be selected and added to the product option. The products you select will appear in the Products to be assigned tab.

  5. Once done, click Save.

Activating a Product Option

Your product option is created, however, it is not activated thus it will not be seen on the product details page.

To activate a product option:

On the Edit product option page, click Activate in the top right corner.


On the Product option list page, click Activate for a specific product option in the Actions column.

Tips and tricks

While creating a product option, if you want to remove some product from the selected, clear checkboxes next to the products you selected or click Deselect all on the page (this will remove all products from the to-be-assigned list you selected on this page).

You can switch between All products and Products to be assigned view by selecting the respective options on the top of the products table. image

If you know the name or the SKU of the product to which an option should be assigned, you can search for it in the Search field.

What’s next?

Once the option is created, you may want to know how those options are managed. See Managing Product Options for more details.

To learn more about the attributes that you see, enter and select while creating a product option, as well as if you are interested to see some examples of how the product options are used, see Product Options: Reference Information.