Tutorial: Hello World - Spryker Commerce OS

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This tutorial is also available on the Spryker Training web-site. For more information and hands-on exercises, visit the Spryker Training web-site.

Challenge description

Show “Hello World!” string on a web page on your browser. To do so, build a new module called HelloWorld.

Build the HelloWorld module

The steps described in this procedure describe how to build a new module. To add a new Yves module called HelloWorld, do the following:

  1. Go to /src/Pyz/Yves/ and add a new module called HelloWorld.

A new module is simply a new folder.

  1. Add a new controller for the module. Add a new folder inside the HelloWorld module called Controller, and then add the following controller class called IndexController:

namespace Pyz\Yves\HelloWorld\Controller;

use Spryker\Yves\Kernel\Controller\AbstractController;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request;

class IndexController extends AbstractController
    * @param Request $request
	* @return \Spryker\Yves\Kernel\View\View
	public function indexAction(Request $request)
			$data = ['helloWorld' => 'Hello World!'];

			return $this->view(
  1. Add the route to the controller:

    1. Add a new folder inside the HelloWorld module called Plugin.
    2. Inside the Plugin folder, add a folder called Provider.
    3. Add your RouteProviderPlugin class with the name HelloWorldRouteProviderPlugin:

namespace Pyz\Yves\HelloWorld\Plugin\Provider;

use Spryker\Yves\Router\Plugin\RouteProvider\AbstractRouteProviderPlugin;
use Spryker\Yves\Router\Route\RouteCollection;

class HelloWorldRouteProviderPlugin extends AbstractRouteProviderPlugin
	protected const ROUTE_HELLO_WORLD = 'hello-world';

	 * @param \Spryker\Yves\Router\Route\RouteCollection $routeCollection
         * @return \Spryker\Yves\Router\Route\RouteCollection
        public function addRoutes(RouteCollection $routeCollection): RouteCollection
            $route = $this->buildRoute('/hello-world', 'HelloWorld', 'Index', 'indexAction');
            $routeCollection->add(static::ROUTE_HELLO_WORLD, $route);

            return $routeCollection;
  1. Register the RouteProviderPlugin in the application, so the application knows about your controller action. Go to RouterDependencyProvider::getRouteProvider() method in Router module and add HelloWorldRouteProviderPlugin to the array.
  2. Finally, add the twig file to render your Hello World page. Add the following folder structure inside the HelloWorld module: Theme/default/views/index.

This folder structure reflects your theme and controller names. Default is the theme name, and index is the controller name. For every action there is a template with the same name.

As your action is called index, add a twig file for your action called index.twig:

{% extends template('page-layout-main') %}

	{% define data = {
	helloWorld: _view.helloWorld
	} %}

	{% block content %}
		<div><h2>{{ data.helloWorld }}</h2></div>
	{% endblock %}
  1. Open the new page http://www.de.suite.local/hello-world.