Tutorial - CMS

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Challenge Description

Create a static Contact Us page and integrate it into Yves. Then, create your own template and use it.

Challenge Solving Highlights

Static page

For creating a static page, follow the steps:

  1. Go to Zed UI and open the CMS Pages https://zed.mysprykershop.com/cms-gui/list-page backend. Add a CMS page that uses the URL /de/contact.
  2. Add the text you would like to show on the static page.
  3. Activate the page. The page is there! You can see the page here.


  1. To use your own templates, create a template under src/Pyz/Yves/Cms/Theme/default/template and call it contact.
  2. Add a placeholder and call it MyPlaceholder. You can open some other templates to see how it’s done.
  3. Go back to the CMS Pages(https://zed.mysprykershop.com/cms-gui/list-page) backend and edit your page, then change the template to use contact.
  4. Add a new text to the placeholder MyPlaceholder. Go back to the page and have a look at the changes.


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