HowTo: Set up Spryker with MySQL

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Spryker supports connecting to the MySQL database. To install a demo shop with this database, follow the instructions to adjust the configuration.

MySQL version

Spryker works only with MySQL version 5.7 or higher.

Adjust Spryker to run with MySQL

To run the Spryker Demoshop with MySQL, adjust the following parts in your configs:

  1. In config/Shared/config_default.php, modify the database configuration:
$config[PropelConstants::ZED_DB_PORT] = 3306;
$config[PropelConstants::ZED_DB_ENGINE] = $config[PropelConstants::ZED_DB_ENGINE_MYSQL];
$config[PropelQueryBuilderConstants::ZED_DB_ENGINE] = $config[PropelConstants::ZED_DB_ENGINE_MYSQL];
  1. In deploy/setup/, modify DATABASE_DEFAULT_ENGINE to mysql:
  1. Install Spryker with MySQL:

Configure MySQL GroupBy setting

In some MySQL servers, there is the ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY option which forces all columns to be present in group_by. This option must be removed from your configurations of MySQL:

Wrong setting:


# server mode

Correct setting:


# server mode