HowTo: Notify about unsupported browsers

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To notify your users about an unsupported browser, you can use our unsupported-browser-popup component. The component is not provided out of the box. Use the following link to download it:


In the example, the component checks userAgent for Internet Explorer browsers by the inline script. If the component detects the Internet Explorer browser, it displays a message.

The component can also be changed to detect a feature, for example:

var hasNativeCustomElements = !!window.customElements;

Use the unsupported-browser-popup component

To use the unsupported-browser-popup component, add it to the molecules of the ShopUi module and include it in the current page-blank template in the body tag before script bundles. By default, the script bundles reside in the footerScripts block.


{% include molecule('unsupported-browser-popup') only %}

The example supports IE 9+ browsers.