HowTo: Allow Zed CSS/JS on a project

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To allow Zed CSS/JS on a project level, follow these steps:

  1. On the project level, create frontend/zed-build.js the following content:
const oryx = require('@spryker/oryx');
const api = require('@spryker/oryx-for-zed/lib');
const path = require('path');

const settings = Object.assign({}, api.settings, {
    entry: {
        dirs: [
        patterns: ['**/Zed/**/*.entry.js'],
        description: 'looking for entry points...',
        defineName: p => path.basename(p, '.entry.js')

.then(configuration =>
.catch(error => console.error('An error occurred while creating configuration', error));
  1. In package.json, update lines related to Zed to use this config:
"zed": "node ./frontend/zed-build",
"zed:watch": "node ./frontend/zed-build --dev",
"zed:production": "node ./frontend/zed-build --prod",

The matching path is configured with the path.resolve('./src/Pyz') line; and the file names are configured with line patterns: ['**/Zed/**/*.entry.js'],.

An example of the project file location: Pyz\Zed\Product\assets\js\main.entry.js.

Do not remove pattern /Zed/**/*.entry.js because this breaks the Core assets build process and might lead to non-functional Zed.