HowTo - Add a New Shipment Method

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This article describes the steps to add a new shipment method, without integrating with the shipment provider.

In this tutorial we’ll consider the case when you need to add a new shipment method, without the need to integrate it with the shipment providers system.

What’s important for this situation is to have a price attached to the shipment method and also to have the correct tax set linked to it. Also, the ship event should be manually triggerable from the Zed Admin UI.

Setting Up the State Machine

The state machine that handles orders that use this shipment method needs to use a manual event for shipping, so that it can be triggered from the Zed Admin UI.

The corresponding XML for this transition would be:

   <state name="exported" reserved="true"/>
   <state name="shipped" reserved="true"/>
    <transition happy="true">
    <event name="ship" manual="true"/>

Adding a New Shipment Method

To add a new shipment method:

  1. In the Zed Admin UI, navigate to the Shipment section and click Add new Carrier Company.
  2. Specify a name for the carrier company and the corresponding glossary key for having a localized name.
  3. To use this carrier company in the shop, select Enabled in the check-box.

Now that we have a new shipment carrier, we can add a new shipment method to it. To add a new shipment method to a carrier:

  1. Click Add new Shipment Method. You will be redirected to the Add a new shipment method page.
  2. Select the carrier you created in the previous step.
  3. Add the name and default price
  4. Mark it as “Active”
  5. Select the corresponding tax set.
  6. Click Add Shipment Method.

Now the new shipment method is available in the shop.