HowTo - Import delivery methods linked to store

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In addition to creating and managing delivery methods in the Back Office , you can also import them with the stores assigned from a .CSV file.

By default, the data is stored to the /ShipmentDataImport/data/import/delivery_method_store.csv file that should contain the following columns:



  • shipment_method: Name of the delivery method you want to create
  • store_name: Store in which the delivery method will be available

To import delivery methods linked to the store(s) from the /ShipmentDataImport/data/import/delivery_method_store.csv file, run the following console command:

console data:import:shipment-method-store

If successful, the imported data will be added to the spy_shipment_method_store database table and appear on the list of delivery methods in the Back Office. For more information on how to view and update the delivery methods, see Creating and managing delivery methods .