About HowTos

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HowTos are simple step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process of performing a single task. There are three types of HowTos: Feature HowTos, Glue API HowTos and miscellaneous HowTos for developers.

Feature HowTos can be useful for shop owners, administrators and developers as they explain how to perform tasks related to Spryker features. Specifically, this section contains the following guides:

Glue API HowTos provide guides and instructions for tasks related to Spryker Glue Rest API. These guides walk you through the following topics:

Providing your customers with security, personalized content, and other things that are usually taken for granted by your shop users, may turn out to be challenging for your developers. This is when miscellaneous HowTos for developers come in handy. These guides navigate you through the process of setting up HTTPS, providing the MVP project structure, setting up the project with MySQL database, along with other useful tutorials on similar subjects.

With these guides, you can learn how to do the following: