Tutorial: New Relic monitoring

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Installing the PHP agent

When accessing your New Relic APM dashboard, you are asked to download and set up the New Relic agent:

New Relic - Step 1

It is important to generate a LICENSE KEY (which is different from the API KEY):

New Relic - Step 2

Then, you can install the New Relic agent:

New Relic - Step 3

Here is the instruction for a default Linux installation:

$ wget http://download.newrelic.com/php_agent/release/newrelic-php5-X.X.X.X-OS.tar.gz
$ sudo gzip -dc newrelic-php5-X.X.X.X-OS.tar.gz | tar xf -
$ cd newrelic-php5-X.X.X.X
$ sudo ./newrelic-install install

Enter the license key and follow the instructions:

New Relic - Step 4

Once the installation is finished, check/modify the following files: a mapping default fpm (web) transaction to the default Yves, and the console commands (non-web) to the default Zed.


newrelic.appname = "YVES-DE (environment)"
newrelic.framework = "no_framework"


newrelic.appname = "ZED-DE (environment)"
newrelic.framework = "no_framework"

Additionally, if, for some reasons, the transactions return some erroneous data, these values can be set in one or both newrelic.ini files:

newrelic.browser_monitoring.auto_instrument = false
newrelic.transaction_tracer.enabled = false

The same is for the vhost configuration of php parameters.


php_admin_value[newrelic.appname] = "YVES-DE (environment)"
php_admin_value[newrelic.framework] = "no_framework"


php_admin_value[newrelic.appname] = "ZED-DE (environment)"
php_admin_value[newrelic.framework] = "no_framework"

Then, restart fpm and Nginx, and check that the New Relic daemon is up and running:

$ sudo service php7.2-fpm restart
$ sudo service nginx restart
$ sudo /etc/init.d/newrelic-daemon status

To enable or migrate New Relic packages, check the following documents: