.NFS files crash my console commands

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You can get the following error when running vendor/bin/console or console commands inside the development VM:

Error: ENOTEMPTY, directory not empty
'/data/shop/development/current/static/public/Yves/images/icons' at Error (native)


The issue is caused by peculiarities of the NFS file system design.


Make sure you have the latest version of the VM installed and also disable the Ngnix open_file_cache feature. To do so, execute the following commands:

sudo grep -r open_file_cache /etc/nginx/
/etc/nginx/nginx.conf:  open_file_cache off;

To get the latest Saltstack for your VM and reconfigure Nginx, do the following:

# on your host
cd vendor/spryker/saltstack # (or where you have the Saltstack repository on your host)
git pull
# inside the vm
sudo salt-call state.highstate whitelist=nginx


If you are running Mac OSX as a host system: disable Spotlight for your Code directory. For details, see: How to disable spotlight index for specific folder in Mac OS X.

To remove stale .nfs files, execute the following either on your host or inside the VM:

find . -name .nfs\* -exec rm {} \;