Docker SDK

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Spryker Docker SDK helps to set up docker environment for your Spryker project.

Spryker Docker SDK requires the Deploy file. The tool reads the specified Deploy file and builds a production-like Docker infrastructure for Spryker accordingly.

The purposes of the tool:

  1. Building production-like Docker images.
  2. Serving as a part of development environment based on Docker.
  3. Simplifying the process of setting up a local demo of Spryker project.

All the commands below should be run from the root directory of Spryker project.


  1. Fetch Docker SDK tools:
git clone ./docker

Make sure docker 18.09.1+ and docker-compose 1.23+ are installed in the local environment.

  1. Initialize docker setup:
docker/sdk bootstrap
  1. Build and run Spryker applications:
docker/sdk up

Make sure all the domains from deploy.yml are defined as in the hosts file in the local environment.

Getting Started

There are two ways to start working with Spryker in Docker: