Installing and configuring Tideways with Vagrant

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We will soon deprecate the DevVM and stop supporting it. Therefore, we highly recommend installing Spryker with Docker.

The spryker-eco/tideways module provides a TidewaysMonitoringExtensionPlugin to send monitoring information to the tideways service.

New Relic installation in Docker based projects

For installation instructions in Docker based projects, see Configuring Tideways

Installing Tideways

To install Tideways module, run:

composer require spryker-eco/tideways

Configuring Tideways

To configure Tideways, do the following:

  1. Install Tideways as described at Tideways support page.
  2. In your project, add TidewaysMonitoringExtensionPlugin to MonitoringDependencyProvider::getMonitoringExtensions().

Implementation Overview

Monitoring is a Spryker Module and it provides a hook to add any monitoring provider you want to. In the Monitoring Module you can find some service provider and controller listener for Yves and Zed which needs to be added to the ApplicationDependencyProvider to enable them.

To monitor Spryker performance, go the the Tideways application.