Installing and configuring CrefoPay

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You are browsing a previous version of the document. The latest version is 202212.0.

To integrate CrefoPay into your project, first you need to install and configure the CrefoPay module. This topic describes how to do that.


To install the CrefoPay module, run:

composer require spryker-eco/crefo-pay


General Configuration

You can find all necessary configurations in vendor/spryker-eco/crefo-pay/config/config.dist.php.

The table below describes all general configuration keys and their values. All necessary configurations can be found in vendor/spryker-eco/crefo-pay/config/config.dist.php.

Configuration Key Type Description
$config [CrefoPayConstants::MERCHANT_ID] int Merchant ID assigned by CrefoPay.
$config [CrefoPayConstants::STORE_ID] string Store ID of the merchant assigned by CrefoPay as a merchant can have more than one store.
$config [CrefoPayConstants::REFUND_DESCRIPTION] string Description to be shown to the end user on the refund.
$config [CrefoPayConstants::SECURE_FIELDS_API_ENDPOINT] string Secure fields API endpoint.
$config [CrefoPayConstants::IS_BUSINESS_TO_BUSINESS] bool Set true in case of b2b model.
$config [CrefoPayConstants::CAPTURE_EXPENSES_SEPARATELY] bool If set true, allows capturing expenses in different transactions.
$config [CrefoPayConstants::REFUND_EXPENSES_WITH_LAST_ITEM] bool If set true, allows refunding expenses when the last item is refunded.
$config [CrefoPayConstants::SECURE_FIELDS_PLACEHOLDERS] array Placeholders for CC payment method fields (account name, card number, cvv).
$config [CrefoPayApiConstants::CREATE_TRANSACTION_API_ENDPOINT] string Create Transaction API endpoint.
$config [CrefoPayApiConstants::RESERVE_API_ENDPOINT] string Reserve API endpoint.
$config [CrefoPayApiConstants::CAPTURE_API_ENDPOINT] string Capture API endpoint.
$config [CrefoPayApiConstants::CANCEL_API_ENDPOINT] string Cancel API endpoint.
$config [CrefoPayApiConstants::REFUND_API_ENDPOINT] string Refund API endpoint.
$config [CrefoPayApiConstants::FINISH_API_ENDPOINT] string Finish API endpoint.
$config [CrefoPayApiConstants::PRIVATE_KEY] string Integration private key. Provided by CrefoPay.
$config [CrefoPayApiConstants::PUBLIC_KEY] string Integration public key. Provided by CrefoPay.

Specific Configuration

Add necessary payment methods to State Machine (OMS) configuration in the following file:


$config[OmsConstants::PROCESS_LOCATION] = [
APPLICATION_ROOT_DIR . '/vendor/spryker-eco/crefo-pay/config/Zed/Oms',
$config[OmsConstants::ACTIVE_PROCESSES] = [
CrefoPayConfig::CREFO_PAY_PAYMENT_METHOD_BILL => 'CrefoPayBill01',
    CrefoPayConfig::CREFO_PAY_PAYMENT_METHOD_CASH_ON_DELIVERY => 'CrefoPayCashOnDelivery01',
    CrefoPayConfig::CREFO_PAY_PAYMENT_METHOD_DIRECT_DEBIT => 'CrefoPayDirectDebit01',
    CrefoPayConfig::CREFO_PAY_PAYMENT_METHOD_PAY_PAL => 'CrefoPayPayPal01',
    CrefoPayConfig::CREFO_PAY_PAYMENT_METHOD_PREPAID => 'CrefoPayPrepaid01',
    CrefoPayConfig::CREFO_PAY_PAYMENT_METHOD_SOFORT => 'CrefoPaySofort01',
    CrefoPayConfig::CREFO_PAY_PAYMENT_METHOD_CREDIT_CARD => 'CrefoPayCreditCard01',
    CrefoPayConfig::CREFO_PAY_PAYMENT_METHOD_CREDIT_CARD_3D => 'CrefoPayCreditCard3D01',

See CrefoPay payment methods for more information on the payment methods provided by CrefoPay.

Next steps

Once you are done with the installation and configuration of the CrefoPay module, integrate CrefoPay into your project.