Installing and configuring Adyen

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To integrate Adyen into your project, first you need to install and configure the Adyen module. This topic describes how to do that.

Integration overview

The spryker-eco/adyen module provides integration of Spryker e-commerce system with Adyen technology partner. It requires the SprykerEco.AdyenApi spryker-eco/adyen-api module that provides the REST Client for making API calls to the Adyen Payment Provider.

The SprykerEco.Adyen module includes integration with:

  • Checkout process—payment forms with all necessary fields that are required to make payment request and save order information.
  • OMS (Order Management System)—state machines, all necessary commands for making modification requests, and conditions for changing orders status accordingly.

The SprykerEco.Adyen module provides the following payment methods:


To install the Adyen module, run

composer require spryker-eco/adyen


General Configuration

You can find all necessary configurations in vendor/spryker-eco/adyen/config/config.dist.php. The table below describes all general configuration keys and their values.

Configuration Key Type Description
AdyenConstants::MERCHANT_ACCOUNT string Name of merchant account
AdyenConstants::REQUEST_CHANNEL string Name of channel communication with Adyen, has to be “Web”
AdyenConstants::SDK_CHECKOUT_SECURED_FIELDS_URL string JS SDK URL to encrypt Credit Card secure fields
AdyenConstants::SDK_CHECKOUT_ORIGIN_KEY string Origin key of JS SDK that generated based on project base URL
AdyenConstants::SOFORT_RETURN_URL string URL to return customer after pay on Sofort:
AdyenConstants::CREDIT_CARD_3D_RETURN_URL string URL to return customer after passing 3D secure:
AdyenConstants::IDEAL_RETURN_URL string URL to return customer after pay on iDeal:
AdyenConstants::PAY_PAL_RETURN_URL string URL to return customer after pay on PayPal:
AdyenConstants::ALI_PAY_RETURN_URL string URL to return customer after pay on AliPay:
AdyenConstants::WE_CHAT_PAY_RETURN_URL string URL to return customer after pay on WeChatPay:
AdyenConstants::CREDIT_CARD_3D_SECURE_ENABLED bool Is 3D secure enabled for Credit Card payments
AdyenConstants::MULTIPLE_PARTIAL_CAPTURE_ENABLED bool Is multiple capture enabled. Default false
AdyenConstants::SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER_COUNTRIES_MANDATORY array List of countries with SSN mandatory
AdyenConstants::IDEAL_ISSUERS_LIST array List of iDeal issuers
AdyenApiConstants::API_KEY string API key, provided by Adyen
AdyenApiConstants::GET_PAYMENT_METHODS_ACTION_URL string URL for get available payment methods API call
AdyenApiConstants::MAKE_PAYMENT_ACTION_URL string URL for make payment API call
AdyenApiConstants::PAYMENTS_DETAILS_ACTION_URL string URL for payment details API call
AdyenApiConstants::AUTHORIZE_ACTION_URL string URL for authorize API call
AdyenApiConstants::AUTHORIZE_3D_ACTION_URL string URL for authorize 3D API call
AdyenApiConstants::CAPTURE_ACTION_URL string URL for capture API call
AdyenApiConstants::CANCEL_ACTION_URL string URL for cancel API call
AdyenApiConstants::REFUND_ACTION_URL string URL for refund API call
AdyenApiConstants::CANCEL_OR_REFUND_ACTION_URL string URL for cancel or refund API call (when it’s not possible to know is payment already captured)
AdyenApiConstants::TECHNICAL_CANCEL_ACTION_URL string URL for technical cancel API call
AdyenApiConstants::ADJUST_AUTHORIZATION_ACTION_URL string URL for adjust authorized amount API call

Specific Configuration

Also, you have to add payment methods to State Machine (OMS) configuration:

 $config[OmsConstants::PROCESS_LOCATION] = [
 APPLICATION_ROOT_DIR . '/vendor/spryker-eco/adyen/config/Zed/Oms',
 $config[OmsConstants::ACTIVE_PROCESSES] = [
 AdyenConfig::ADYEN_CREDIT_CARD => 'AdyenCreditCard01',
 AdyenConfig::ADYEN_SOFORT => 'AdyenSofort01',
 AdyenConfig::ADYEN_DIRECT_DEBIT => 'AdyenDirectDebit01',
 AdyenConfig::ADYEN_KLARNA_INVOICE => 'AdyenKlarnaInvoice01',
 AdyenConfig::ADYEN_PREPAYMENT => 'AdyenPrepayment01',
 AdyenConfig::ADYEN_IDEAL => 'AdyenIdeal01',
 AdyenConfig::ADYEN_PAY_PAL => 'AdyenPayPal01',
 AdyenConfig::ADYEN_ALI_PAY => 'AdyenAliPay01',
 AdyenConfig::ADYEN_WE_CHAT_PAY => 'AdyenWeChatPay01',


To complete the payment modification requests (cancel, capture, refund), it’s necessary to configure notification on Adyen merchant backend side.

You can get more information form Adyen documentation.

The link to accept notifications from Adyen looks like

Adyen Configuration

You can get your credentials by following the instruction.

You can get JS SDK url and generate your origin key by following this instruction from.