Arvato - Risk Check 1.0

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Accounted for by external credit agency data and internal existing customer- and order-details the RiskCheck evaluates the probability of payment default for the customer orders. The returned decision codes (ResultActionCodeResultCode) manage the definition of the eShop’s payment methods. If a payment method is not permitted, the decision code provides information about alternate payment methods available for the customer.

The main entry point to risk check functionality is performRiskCheck method inside ArvatoRssFacade class.

Developer is supposed to call performRiskCheck method providing actual QuoteTransfer as the first argument. In the response QuoteTransfer is returned with ArvatoRssRiskCheckResponse transfer inside. It contains Result, ResultCode, ActionCode, ResultText.

Response can be taken with:

The transfer can have all fields empty if error occurred during request.

Data, which is sent to Arvato RSS and must be present in the quote:

Name Notes
Country Is taken from BillingAddress
City Is taken from BillingAddress
Street Is taken from BillingAddress
StreetNumber Is taken from BillingAddress
ZipCode Is taken from BillingAddress
FirstName Is taken from BillingAddress
LastName Is taken from BillingAddress
RegisteredOrder Shows if order is placed with registered customer or not.
Currency Is taken from store configuration
GrossTotalBill Total value of order incl. delivery fee, rebates/ credit notes and VAT (Grand Total)
TotalOrderValue Value of goods for this order incl. VAT (Subtotal)
ProductNumber Product number, defined by customer(default value 1). Sku is set there.
ProductGroupId Product group number/product type (default value 1). 1 is set.
UnitPrice Value of units incl. VAT
UnitCount Quantity of units (maximum value 99999999)

You can check the result codes, returned by Arvato in the attachment. @(Embed)(