Integrating Chromium browser for tests

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Chromium is a headless browser used with ChromeDriver for acceptance and functional tests. It provides full-control API to make end-to-end testing flexible and comfortable.

Integration into Docker-based projects

For Docker-based integration instructions, see ChromeDriver.

Integration into DevVM-based projects


We will soon deprecate the DevVM and stop supporting it. Therefore, we highly recommend installing Spryker with Docker.

To integrate Chromium into a DevVM-based project:

  1. Update Vagrant to version 3.2.0 or higher.
  2. Set the SPRYKER_TEST_IN_BROWSER=chrome environment variable.
  3. Point the SPRYKER_TEST_BROWSER_BIN environment variable to the Chromium binary file.
Chromium binary file location

By default, the Chromium binary file is located in vendor/bin/chrome.

  1. Update codeception*.yml as follows:
            browser: "%SPRYKER_TEST_IN_BROWSER%"
                    args: ["--headless", "--no-sandbox", "--disable-dev-shm-usage"]
                    binary: "%SPRYKER_TEST_BROWSER_BIN%"