System requirements

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OS Native: Linux
Web Server NginX—preferred. But any webserver which supports PHP will work such as lighttpd, Apache, Cherokee.
Databases Depending on the project, one of the databases: MariaDB >= 10.4—preferred, PostgreSQL >=9.6, or MySQL >=5.7.
PHP Spryker supports PHP >=8.0 with the following extensions: curl, json, mysql, pdo-sqlite, sqlite3, gd, intl, mysqli, pgsql, ssh2, gmp, mcrypt, pdo-mysql, readline, twig, imagick, memcache, pdo-pgsql, redis, xml, bz2, and mbstring. For details about the supported PHP versions, see Supported Versions of PHP
SSL For production systems, a valid security certificate is required for HTTPS.
Redis Version >=3.2, >=5.0
Elasticsearch Version 7.x
RabbitMQ Version 3.6+
Jenkins (for cronjob management) Version 1.6.x or 2.x
Graphviz (for statemachine visualization) 2.x
Node.js Version >= 18.0.0
npm Version >= 9.0.0
Intranet Back Office application (Zed) must be secured in an Intranet (using VPN, Basic Auth, IP allowlist, or DMZ).
Available languages Spryker is available in the following languages:
  • German
  • English
Spryker offers full UTF-8 left-to-right language support.