Virtual Machine Cleanup

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If you need to cleanup the environment set up in the virtual machine, you can either do this by running a script or execute the cleanup steps manually.

VM Cleanup - Automatic

To cleanup the VM:

Run the setup script with the reset parameter, as in the examples below:

./setup -r
./setup --reset

When running the setup script with the reset parameter, the execution will clear Redis and Elasticsearch data storages, the database will be dropped, the node_modules folder will be removed as well as the cache folders from Yves and Zed.

To clear the data stored in Redis and Elasticsearch and drop the database:

Run the setup script with the delete option as in one of the examples below:

./setup -d
./setup --delete

To reinitialize the application:

Run the setup script again without any argument.

To see available parameters for setup:

Run one of the following commands:

./setup -h
./setup --help

VM Cleanup - Manual

First, navigate to the project folder from your virtual machine:

cd /data/shop/development/current
  1. Clear the Elasticsearch service:

Make sure the Elasticsearch service is up and running; if it’s not, restart it with:

sudo /etc/init.d/elasticsearch restart

Delete all indices in Elasticsearch:

curl -XDELETE 'http://localhost:9200/_all'
  1. Clear Zed database:

In this step, DE_development_zed database will be dropped if it already exists.

CURRENT_STORE=`php -r "echo require 'config/Shared/default_store.php';"` sudo dropdb --if-exists "${CURRENT_STORE}_development_zed"
  1. Clear Redis:
redis-cli -p 10009 flushdb
  1. Install dependencies:

    1. Install composer dependencies:
    php composer.phar install
    1. Install npm dependencies:
    npm install -d
  2. Install application:

vendor/bin/console setup:install
vendor/bin/console setup:install-demo-data
sudo /etc/init.d/elasticsearch restart
vendor/bin/console collector:search:export
vendor/bin/console collector:storage:export

Using -v helps to show more details on the progress.