Install Docker prerequisites on MacOS

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This document describes the prerequisites for installing Spryker on MacOS.

System requirements for installing Spryker

Review the system and software requirements in the table and configure them using the following instructions.

Docker 18.09.1 or higher
Docker Compose 2.0 or higher
vCPU 4 or more
RAM 4GB or more
Swap 2GB or more

Install and configure the required software

  1. Download and install Docker Desktop (Mac).

Signup for Docker Hub is not required.

  1. Accept the privilege escalation request “Docker Desktop needs privileged access.”.

  2. In the Docker Desktop, go to preferences by selecting the gear in the top right corner.

  3. In the General section of Preferences, click the Use Docker Compose V2 checkbox.

  4. Set recommended memory and swap limits:

    1. Go to Resources > ADVANCED.
    2. Set CPUs: to “4” or higher.
    3. Set Memory: to “4.00 GB” or higher.
    4. Set Swap: to “2.00 GB” or higher.
    5. Set the desired Disk image size:.
    6. Select the desired Disk image location.
    7. Select Apply & Restart.
  5. Development mode: Install or update Mutagen and Mutagen Compose to the latest version:

brew list | grep mutagen | xargs brew remove && brew install mutagen-io/mutagen/mutagen mutagen-io/mutagen/mutagen-compose && mutagen daemon stop && mutagen daemon start

Next steps

To choose an installation mode, see Choose an installation mode.

If you’ve already selected an installation mode, follow one of the guides below: