Migration guide - ProductManagement

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Upgrading from version 0.18.* to version 0.19.0

In this new version of the ProductManagement module, we have added support of decimal stock. You can find more details about the changes on the ProductManagement module release page.

This release is a part of the Decimal Stock concept migration. When you upgrade this module version, you should also update all other installed modules in your project to use the same concept as well as to avoid inconsistent behavior. For more information, see Decimal Stock Migration Concept.

Estimated migration time: 5 min

To upgrade to the new version of the module, do the following:

  1. Upgrade the ProductManagement module to the new version:
composer require spryker/product-management: "^0.19.0" --update-with-dependencies
  1. Update the database entity schema for each store in the system:
APPLICATION_STORE=DE console propel:schema:copy
APPLICATION_STORE=US console propel:schema:copy
  1. Run the database migration:
console propel:install
console transfer:generate

Upgrading from version 0.* to version 0.18.0

In order to dismantle the Horizontal Barrier and enable partial module updates on projects, a Technical Release took place. Public API of source and target major versions are equal. No migration efforts are required. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Upgrading from version 0.9.* to version 0.10.*

The new version provides support to manage the abstract product-store relations per store.

  1. Update / install spryker/product to at least 6.0.0 version. See Migration Guide - Product for more details.
  2. Update / install spryker/productmanagement to at least 0.10.0 version.
  3. Run vendor/bin/console transfer:generate to generate the transfer object changes.
  4. The Product Information Management (PIM) Back Office expects the abstract product-store relation handling a partial form to be defined in the dependency provider using the Spryker\Zed\Kernel\Communication\Form\FormTypeInterface. You can use the single store and multi-store compatible default implementation Spryker\Zed\Store\Communication\Form\Type\StoreRelationToggleType wrapped in Spryker\Zed\Store\Communication\Plugin\Form\StoreRelationToggleFormTypePlugin.

Spryker\Zed\Store\Communication\Plugin\Form\StoreRelationToggleFormTypePlugin is introduced in spryker/store version 1.2.0.

Example of injection:

namespace Pyz\Zed\ProductManagement;

use Spryker\Zed\ProductManagement\ProductManagementDependencyProvider as SprykerProductManagementDependencyProvider;
use Spryker\Zed\Store\Communication\Plugin\Form\StoreRelationToggleFormTypePlugin;

class ProductManagementDependencyProvider extends SprykerProductManagementDependencyProvider
     * @return \Spryker\Zed\Kernel\Communication\Form\FormTypeInterface
    protected function createStoreRelationFormTypePlugin()
        return new StoreRelationToggleFormTypePlugin();

You should be able now to see the abstract product-store relations in the Product Information Management (PIM) Back Office. However, you will not able to manage / change anything yet. If you would like to enable the entire multi-store product behavior, see Multi-Store Products Feature Integration.

Upgrading from version 0.8.* to version 0.9.*

With version 0.9, we have added multi-currency support. First of all, make sure you migrated the Price module. The way the price form is rendered has been changed: now it displays price matrix with a currency, a store and a price type as input fields. Check \Spryker\Zed\ProductManagement\Communication\Form\ProductFormAdd::addPriceForm - it uses a new form from the Money module. Also, check \Spryker\Zed\ProductManagement\Communication\Form\ProductConcreteFormEdit::addPriceForm - if you have overwritten or changed those classes, you will have to modify them accordingly. The new ProductManagement/Presentation/_partials/product_price_collection.twig form is rendered now as well. There is also a new dependency in PriceFormTypePlugin. Here is a snippet on how to include it:

namespace Pyz\Zed\ProductManagement;

use Spryker\Zed\Money\Communication\Plugin\Form\MoneyFormTypePlugin;

class ProductManagementDependencyProvider extends SprykerProductManagementDependencyProvider
    * @param \Spryker\Zed\Kernel\Container $container
    * @return \Spryker\Zed\Money\Communication\Plugin\Form\MoneyFormTypePlugin
   protected function createMoneyFormTypePlugin(Container $container)
       return new MoneyFormTypePlugin();

That being done, you are able to use the currency-aware form type.

Upgrading from version 0.7.* to version 0.8.*

If you’re migrating the ProductManagement module from version 0.7.x to version 0.8.x, follow the steps described below. The ProductManagement module persistence layer was moved into the new ProductAttribute module.

ORM entities changed

The classes under Orm\Zed\ProductManagement\ were moved to the Orm\Zed\ProductAttribute\ namespace.

Spryker\Zed\ProductManagement\Persistence\Propel\AbstractSpyProductAttribute Spryker\Zed\ProductAttribute\Persistence\Propel\AbstractSpyProductAttribute
Spryker\Zed\ProductManagement\Persistence\Propel\AbstractSpyProductAttributeQuery Spryker\Zed\ProductAttribute\Persistence\Propel\AbstractSpyProductAttributeQuery
Spryker\Zed\ProductManagement\Persistence\Propel\AbstractSpyProductAttributeValue Spryker\Zed\ProductAttribute\Persistence\Propel\AbstractSpyProductAttributeValue
Spryker\Zed\ProductManagement\Persistence\Propel\AbstractSpyProductAttributeValueQuery Spryker\Zed\ProductAttribute\Persistence\Propel\AbstractSpyProductAttributeValueQuery
Spryker\Zed\ProductManagement\Persistence\Propel\AbstractSpyProductManagementAttributeValueTranslation Spryker\Zed\ProductAttribute\Persistence\Propel\AbstractSpyProductManagementAttributeValueTranslation
Spryker\Zed\ProductManagement\Persistence\Propel\AbstractSpyProductManagementAttributeValueTranslationQuery Spryker\Zed\ProductAttribute\Persistence\Propel\AbstractSpyProductManagementAttributeValueTranslationQuery

Importer updates

Project’s importer was also updated to take advantage of the new ProductAttribute module.

  • src/Pyz/Zed/Importer/Business/Factory/AbstractFactory.php Removed getProductManagementFacade() and replaced it with the getProductAttributeFacade() method.
  • src/Pyz/Zed/Importer/Business/Factory/ImporterFactory.php Removed getProductManagementFacade() and replaced it with the getProductAttributeFacade() method.
  • src/Pyz/Zed/Importer/Business/Importer/ProductManagement/ProductManagementAttributeImporter.php Removed $productManagementFacade and replaced it with the $productAttributeFacade property.
  • src/Pyz/Zed/Importer/ImporterDependencyProvider.php Removed FACADE_PRODUCT_MANAGEMENT and replaced it with the FACADE_PRODUCT_ATTRIBUTE constant. Removed addProductManagementFacade() and replaced it with the addProductAttributeFacade() method.

There were no changes to the database schema.