Public Folder

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To publish means to place the built assets in a place where they can be accessed and loaded by the browser.

In the whole project, the only place with such access rights is the @project/public folder.

Application Folders

  • @project/public/Yves
  • @project/public/Zed

These folders contain only application-related public files.

Each file is directly accessible from the browser by using the /<filename>.<ext> path.

Do not add any files here as they will not be accessible.

Due to strict nginx configuration, only the content that already exists is public.

Assets Dedicated Folders

  • @project/public/Yves/assets
  • @project/public/Zed/assets

These folders can contain any file that needs to be accessed and loaded by the browser. Contents can be addressed by using the /assets/<path>/<filename>.<ext> path. Assets must be placed here.

Yves Themes Folders

To avoid conflicts and incorrect behaviour in Yves UI, create a subfolder (@project/public/Yves/assets/<theme>) for each theme you have in your project, and place the related files there.