Download and Structure

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Here you will find out how to download external dependencies and where to place them, together with your own asset files.

This page contains references to the following tools: Webpack, Oryx (Our frontend helper tool)and Oryx for Zed (Zed’s frontend full automation tool). Make sure you are familiar with these tools before continuing.


Yves UI must be implemented on project level.


You can use the package manager that you prefer, but we strongly recommend to use npm or yarn.

Creating/extending Yves

Yves come with themes: they are basically UI dresses. You can create a new theme by creating a folder under @project/assets/Yves and placing your assets there.

Change the @project/package.json manifest file to manage all external dependencies.

npm install --save jquery bootstrap font-awesome # add yves direct dependencies
npm install --save-dev sass-loader node-sass # add build dev dependencies


Zed UI can be extended on a project level.

Core Dependencies

Each module that implements a UI may have external dependencies. They are declared in the corrisponding @core/<module-name>/assets/Zed/pakage.json manifest file. Do not change this file as it’s part of a core module. If you want to add a new dependency to Zed, see the Download External Dependencies section.

To download the module dependencies, you can use the package manager that you prefer, but we strongly recommend to use npm or yarn.

They will be eventually stored under the @core/<module-name>/assets/Zed/node_modules folder.

Extending Zed

Zed has one theme only.

You can extend the Zed UI by creating @project/assets.zed and place your assets in there. Use oryx-for-zed to include and manage your code.

Gui module as default UI provider:
Gui module manages all the dependencies needed in Zed. It provides the base structure for every module that implements a UI, and Zed Antelope configuration. **Be sure you have it in your project, otherwise Zed UI will not be available**.

Download External Dependencies

The best way to download all the external dependencies is by using ./setup -i|-zed:

cd /path/to/your/project-root
./setup -i

Otherwise, use npm or yarn:

cd /path/to/your/project-root
npm install
cd /path/to/gui/module
npm install
cd /path/to/another/module
npm install