About the Legacy Demoshop Front-end Guides

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The Legacy Demoshop Front-end guides provide information of how the front-end was built in the Legacy Demoshop. Here you will find the following information:

The Demoshop Guide will work you through the process of building your assets. The assets is a set of resources used to build the UI, that includes html, css (or less, sass, stylus, etc.) and js (or jsx, etc.) files, images, fonts and so on.

Assets represent a large collection of files, and to manage them effectively, we came up with the following 4-step procedure:

  1. Download and structure: get external dependencies and put assets into the corresponding folders;
  2. Development tools: create your project front-end;
  3. Transpile/build and optimization: manipulate and optimize assets;
  4. Public folder: place built output into a public and accessible folder.

We use the following path aliases to help you dive into the assets docs:

  • @project: your project root folder;
  • @core: Spryker core folder, usually (but not necessary) @project/vendor/spryker.