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This checker identifies and reports security vulnerabilities in the npm dependencies.

Problem description

Frontend packages play an integral role in building modern web applications. Since these packages are created by different developers and teams, they can inadvertently include vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors to compromise the security and functionality of an application.

The npm vulnerabilities checker addresses this concern by actively scanning and identifying potential vulnerabilities in frontend packages. It accomplishes this by comparing the versions of packages used in a project against a continuously updated database of known vulnerabilities. When a package with a known vulnerability is detected, the checker alerts developers, provides information about the nature of the vulnerability, the potential risks it poses, and any recommended actions to help mitigate the threat.

By using the npm vulnerabilities checker with the Evaluator, developers can safeguard their applications against security breaches and ensure that they are using the latest and most secure versions of frontend packages. This approach helps maintain the integrity of web applications and provides developers with the necessary information to make informed decisions about the packages they include in their projects.

Example of an evaluator error message


Message: [critical] Prototype pollution in webpack loader-utils      
 Target: loader-utils  

Message: [high] d3-color vulnerable to ReDoS
 Target: d3-color

Message: [high] Cross-realm object access in Webpack 5
 Target: webpack

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Resolve the error

To resolve the issue, update the npm dependencies with known vulnerabilities to the versions where the vulnerability issues are fixed.