Running the evaluator tool

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This document describes how to check if code is compliant with Spryker’s standards using the evaluator tool.


To start working with the evaluator tool, connect to the Docker SDK CLI container:

docker/sdk cli

Get general information about the tool and see all available commands related to the evaluation process we may in analyze section:

~/.composer/vendor/spryker-sdk/sdk/bin/console list

Installing the evaluator tool

To install the evaluator tool, do the following:

  1. In the Docker SDK CLI, install Spryker SDK:
composer global require spryker-sdk/sdk "dev-master"
  1. Initialize Spryker SDK:
~/.composer/vendor/spryker-sdk/sdk/bin/console sdk:init:sdk

Running an evaluation

To evaluate your code, run the Evaluator with the output format defined in YAML:

Output formats

The Evaluator supports only the YAML format.

~/.composer/vendor/spryker-sdk/sdk/bin/console analyze:php:code-compliance --format=yaml

The Evaluator creates analyze:php:code-compliance.violations.yaml in the reports folder.

To view the report, run the following command:

~/.composer/vendor/spryker-sdk/sdk/bin/console analyze:php:code-compliance-report

Updating the evaluator tool

To update the evaluator tool to the latest version, run the following command:

composer update spryker-sdk/evaluator