Run the evaluator tool

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This document describes how to check if code is compliant with Spryker’s standards using the evaluator tool.


Running the evaluator without installing Spryker SDK

Alternatively, you can use the spryker-sdk image from the project directory without installing it. To do that, run all the commands in this doc as follows: `docker run -ti -v $PWD:/data/project –entrypoint bash spryker/php-sdk:latest -c ‘cd /data/project && ../bin/console {COMMAND}’.

  • Get general information about the tool and see all the commands related to evaluation in the analyze section:
spryker-sdk list

Run an evaluation

To evaluate your code, run the evaluator in one of the following ways:

  • Evaluate the code of all the modules:
spryker-sdk analyze:php:code-compliance
  • Evaluate the code of needed modules:
spryker-sdk analyze:php:code-compliance -m '{NAMESPACE}.{MODULE_NAME} {NAMESPACE}.{MODULE_NAME} ...'


spryker-sdk analyze:php:code-compliance -m 'Pyz.ProductStorage'
The command creates `analyze:php:code-compliance.violations.yaml` in the `reports` folder.

To view the report, run the following command:

spryker-sdk analyze:php:code-compliance-report

Resolve upgradability issues

If the report contains upgradability issues, to resolve them, see Upgradability guidelines.